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Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

About Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

In North Queensland, Umbrella Studio is a prominent force in generating creativity and ensuring fair payment for artists and arts workers, thereby supporting the local arts community. Its objectives include gaining national and international recognition as a top contemporary visual arts organization in Australia, connecting with practitioners and audiences through high-quality arts programming and effective communication, and promoting contemporary art from North Queensland. Additionally, Umbrella Studio strives to be an innovative entrepreneur by implementing fresh approaches to the art business, generating revenue independently, diversifying income sources, and achieving financial stability. Lastly, it prioritizes good governance by implementing best practices for governance, finance, and operations to ensure support and enhance functionality.

Operating on Wulgurukaba and Bindal Country in Townsville, North Queensland, Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts is a prominent platform for contemporary and experimental art practice. With a history dating back to 1986, our organization is committed to connecting art with audiences. Our program consists of both onsite and touring exhibitions showcasing the work of established, mid-career, and emerging artists. Additionally, we offer a range of partnered projects, public programs, artist residencies, studio access, and professional development opportunities. One of our notable initiatives is the world-first ‘Discover, Dive, Draw’ program. We also host the biennial Pop Up North Queensland (PUNQ) festival, which celebrates visual and performance art through exhibitions, installations, performances, and workshops. This festival highlights collaborations between renowned First Nations and Australian artists.

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

What to do at Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

In an attempt to generate revenue, Umbrella made changes to its exhibition space. They reduced the area available for artists to display their work and instead increased the number of permanent displays of works that were printed at Umbrella and available for sale. However, this strategy did not prove successful. The permanent gallery did not generate a substantial income, and the number of visitors decreased.

In 2014, Umbrella allowed artists to access the entire gallery space for their solo or small group exhibitions rather than having separate exhibitions for different artists or groups. Although aimed at increasing exhibition visits, this decision had the opposite effect. With fewer artists exhibiting, there was a reduction in the number of people visiting the gallery. After analyzing these operational activities, Umbrella decided to implement new policies to ensure better outcomes in the future.

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

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